What’s the cost?


What’s the cost of not getting enough clients?

I’m a numbers girl. Whether it’s sales, conversion rates, opt-in rates, open rates, or click through rates, I love to track numbers. I never was a stellar math student, but I do love benchmarks. It’s how I know I’m making progress.

One of the “fun with math” things I like to do is “what if” scenarios. They can be a real eye opener and motivator. So, let’s take a hypothetical example. Let’s say you made $40,000 in your business this year. You haven’t quite figured out how to get enough clients in your business yet, so you keep trying to figure things out on your own. You’re hoping to get to $100,000 per year but you don’t really have a plan. You’re not sure if you’re on the right track and the clients aren’t coming fast enough.

What if you woke up three years later and you still hadn’t figured it out and $100K is still out of reach? What’s the cost of that?

An extra $60,000 per year over the three years would be $180,000. Let’s say instead that you do accept help to achieve your goal, you reach $100k per year, and you keep your business for just 12 years. That’s an extra $1 million in just 12 years if you factor in a low and reasonable return of just 4% on the extra money. Chances are you wouldn’t stay at $100k per year, though. Once you get your business to $100k, you’ll likely keep growing your business. Over time, the cost of not figuring out how to get clients could be in the millions.

The whole reason we go into our businesses in the first place is to enjoy our lives, spend more time with our families, go on vacation, and splurge a little. Perhaps you have goals like paying off bills or doing some improvements around the house. What’s the emotional cost of not being able to do that? Are you prepared to wake up three years from now not having done those things?

Now is the time. You owe it to yourself. Think of the things you could do.

I can help you get filled to capacity with clients. You just have to take the first step. Send me a message and let me know what you’d really like to achieve in your business.