How I Work

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Running around learning lots of new marketing tactics will not get you lots of clients.

puzzleIf it did, anyone that ever learned a new tactic would have a successful business. There’s  no shortage of available programs to learn how to use Facebook for business, or Twitter, or speaking strategies, writing strategies, or any of a number of web strategies to get attention for your business.

These types of programs have their place, but they’re not a total solution. These strategies just create  awareness about what you have to offer, but it doesn’t get you the business all by itself.

Marketing tactics get people’s attention, but then you have to earn their trust. Only when you’ve earned their trust, can you make sales offers to them.

If what you offer is priced right and you know how to have a sales conversation with them. then you’ll book the business. This process can now repeat itself again, and again, and again.

This is why you need a systematic approach to getting more clients. Your business must be solid from the ground up. The best  marketing strategies in the world won’t work for you if you don’t have everything else in place.

I can help you implement a repeatable system to get clients, so you never have to worry about having  enough clients again.

Here’s how it works:

      1. We’ll Start With Your Foundation
        • We’ll set up your Red Velvet Rope Policy of working only with your ideal clients. This  Includes figuring out who your ideal clients are and letting go of your dud clients (you know the ones that drain your energy). Once you have a business full of ideal clients, you’ll never have to take on a dud client again.
        • We’ll identify your target market so you know where to do your marketing and they’ll know you’re dedicated to them. You’ll be able to fully understand your target markets needs and desires and be able to articulate the #1 result that you give them.
        • We’ll develop your personal brand identity. This is where you’ll decide how you want to be known in the world. No more watering yourself down. It’s time to be fully self- expressed. The best part? You’ll think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world and the people you’re meant to serve will know they’re meant for you.
        • You’ll learn to talk about what you do without sounding confusing, boring, bland, or like everybody else. You’ll know exactly what to say when people ask “What do you do?” and you’ll never have to give an elevator speech again!
      2. Next We’ll Build Your Credibility and Trust
        • You’ll have your standard credibility builders in place so that people will see you as credible, likeable, and an expert in your field. It does not matter how great you are if your standard credibility builders make you look like a novice. This is one area that many professionals get wrong. We’ll make sure that you have it right.
        • You’ll have your keep in touch strategy in place to keep you in front of your prospects and customers so that they will want to do business with you. You won’t ever have to feel like you’re bothering anyone again because I’ll show you how the information you send them can be seen as relevant, interesting, and valuable and still get you the business.
        • We’ll develop your client generating sales cycle that will lead people from the time they become aware of you until the time they buy from you. You’ll know how to build their trust and be able to create a connection that will lead them gracefully to your services.
        • Next, we’ll develop your brand building information products to build trust with your prospects, show your expertise, and leverage your time. You’ll know when to offer free information products and when and what to sell.
      3. Now we’ll price your services and sell them
        • You’ll choose from the available pricing models and match your objectives to the right model. You’ll know exactly how much to charge to meet your financial goals and appeal to your prospects. Never undercharge again! It’s time to package what you offer and deliver more value and make more money.
        • You will be able to have a super simple sales conversation that will lead easily to the sale. You’ll never have to dread sales conversations again! I’ll show you how to take the pressure off of yourself and your prospect. You’ll have people raising their hands to work with you.
      4. Finally we’ll put strategies in place to get you booked solid.
        • You’ll know how to network right from your desk in 10 – 15 minutes a day. Never go to those draining networking events again!
        • You’ll be able to get in contact with key influencers that can get you in front of your ideal clients. I’ll teach you the right way to do this. You can make connections with people that are famous and well known in their fields without coming across as pushy or bothersome.
        • I’ll show you how to build a referral gang of 5 and create a never ending flow of referrals to your business.
        • If speaking is your thing, I’ll show you how to get booked to speak and the right offers to make at your speaking events that will lead you to more sales.
        • Like to write? You’ll know what to write and how to get it published both online and offline.
        • We’ll make sure your web presence is solid so you’ll be able to lead prospects to your website and get them on your list.
        • We’ll work together for 6 months to get everything you need in place. We’ll start with where you are and we’ll map out where you want to go. Just think, in just a short amount of time, you can be booked solid ® with ideal clients.

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