First Steps

baby step

One of the first questions that I ask a coaching client is, “What is the biggest question that the people that you serve ask themselves when they first discover that they have a problem?”. Then the next question is, “What would be their first step after they ask themselves that question?” If  you were to take your prospect all the way back to when they first realized that they had a problem, what situation were they in?

For instance, if you’re a fitness coach, maybe your prospect had a visit to the doctor and found out his weight was life threatening. If you’re a real estate agent, perhaps it was an unexpected career change when a couple realized they needed to sell their home and move. If you’re a financial adviser, it  could be the birth of a child when a couple wonders if they’ll be able to save enough for college.

Once you have a handle on the situations that cause your prospects to then go look for a solution, you can now ask yourself, “What’s their biggest question at that moment?” So, if we go back to our examples, the man at the doctor might ask himself, “How will I lose the weight?”. The couple that needs to move might ask, “How can I sell quickly and for the most money?” The new parents could ask, “How can we make sure we’ll save enough in time?”

Now that you know what their biggest question is, what’s their first step after they ask that question? Would they go home and do a Google search? If so, what words or phrases would they use? Would they ask other people that they know? If so, who? Would they look for meetings or groups to join? Would they read certain magazines? Would they search YouTube for instructional videos? What search terms would they use?  You really need to understand how they go about looking for a solution so you know where you need to show up.

This will also give you amazing clarity on the type of content you need to create (blog posts, webinars, audios, videos, etc.) that will address those questions your prospects are asking themselves.

Now this does not necessarily mean that these people  are ready to buy your solution right now. Some may be ready, others won’t be ready just yet. So, you should have a plan in place to be able to reach out to those that are ready to work with you immediately and to nurture those that aren’t quite ready to buy from you right now, but will be ready in the future.

If you have a plan to lead and nurture these prospects, it will create the momentum in your business that you need to finally get you off of the roller coaster ride of an unsteady flow of clients. So, do you have a plan to reach out to prospects that are ready now and in the future? If not, I can help you put one in place and get you on the path to a waiting list of clients.