Do You Trust Yourself?


Stephen Covey in “The Speed of Trust” talks about how trust is critical in business and in your personal life. Simply put, costs go down and things happen quicker when there are high levels of trust. It takes a lot less time and money to acquire new clients when they trust you. However, trust isn’t just about whether or not people trust you and you trust them, it really goes deeper. Covey says that “trust flows from the inside out”. This means that trust starts with you and whether or not you really trust yourself.

So, what does it mean to trust yourself? Self trust is all about the confidence you have in yourself. Do you believe yourself when you make commitments? Are you making promises to yourself that you don’t keep? If you want others to trust you, you have to inspire trust in them. This begins by keeping the promises that you make to yourself. However, we break promises to ourselves a lot. We say we’ll start that diet Monday, we’ll commit to walk a mile a day, eat better, blog every week, write that report, book more customers, get the help we need, but we break those commitments. We say to ourselves, “Who’s it really hurting?” “Life happens, right?” “I’ll get it done later”.

Here’s the thing. Before others can really trust you, they have to see that you’re credible. You have to become a person worthy of trust. This means that others have to see you fulfilling promises to others AND yourself. An amazing thing happens when you fulfill commitments to yourself. Your confidence will skyrocket. People will be able to see and feel that confidence and as a result will trust you more. Goals that you set will be achieved and your business and life will expand as a result.

Now, how do you learn to trust yourself? Start by setting new goals. What goals do you need to set in your business and in your personal life that if you were to keep them would make a dramatic difference a year from now? Break it down. What needs to happen every day or every week without fail to make it happen? Make a commitment right now to stop disappointing yourself and fulfill those promises you made to yourself. If you think broken promises to yourself won’t affect the people around you, think again.

Finally, get the help you need. It is just too easy to put your goals aside to address whatever crisis seems to be happening almost every day. There’s always something taking your attention. Consider getting a coach or at least a really good accountability partner to help keep you on track. All kinds of excuses and “stuff” comes up when it comes to fulfilling the goals you set for yourself. You need someone to keep you accountable and moving forward.

If you’re not sure what you need to do to fulfill your goals, you need a system. Consider investing in yourself and your future by getting the education you need, and if getting your business booked solid with ideal clients is one of your goals, I’m here to help.