Do you know why people buy?


Do you know why people buy your services? They’re either looking to solve a big problem or to achieve a big result. However, as business owners, we usually like to talk all about the features of what we sell. It’s only natural. We know how great our services are compared to the competition. We know we offer more value.  We get caught up in telling all about how we work and the details of what we offer.

The problem is that the potential client doesn’t care about the features until she can answer this question for herself. “Does this person help me get what I want?” Until she really understands that you can solve her big problem or deliver a big result for her, the features are meaningless.

This means we have to be able to articulate the big result, or the big problem that we solve in clear, simple language. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve talked to business owners about what they do for their clients and failed to get a straightforward response. I urge you to stop trying to “pretty up” what you do with poetic language.

Whenever someone asks you what you do, just remember that one question in her mind and describe the biggest result that you provide. Forget the elevator speech and just describe the single biggest result that you get for your clients. You’ll be happier because you don’t have to deliver an unnatural sounding elevator speech and the people that you talk to will immediately know if you can help them.