I’m Terri Brown

I help solo entrepreneurs and service business professionals get more clients and make more money.

If your business isn’t filled to capacity with star clients that energize and inspire you, I can help.

I love my business, working with awesome women entrepreneurs that are excited about growing their businesses and sharing what they do with the world. I get to work with the most amazing clients and I love every minute of the work that I do.
However, it hasn’t always been that way.

There was a time when I struggled and worried about where the next client was coming from. As a result, I would take on as a client almost anyone that called or walked in the door and it left me feeling frustrated and depressed.

I started my first business over 20 years ago. Fresh out of college and feeling like I could take on the world I started a travel agency in the early 90’s. Filled with delusions about the glamorous life of a business owner, I was soon confronted with the reality that finding lots of great clients was not easy and I struggled for a really long time. Eventually clients started to come in and the business had success. Then one day everything changed.

Image3September 11, 2001.

That day started out like normal and my office was busy planning travel for our clients. Then later that morning, as it became apparent what was happening in New York and Washington, it also became apparent that the business would never be the same. Eight months of work was wiped out in an instant when all of the travel that we had planned had to be canceled due to the uncertainty of the situation and the fear everyone felt about traveling in the aftermath of 9/11. The following year was no better when travel prices dropped by more than half due to the decrease in demand for travel.

So, I planned. I prioritized. I figured it out.
In a few short years I was debt free, my mortgage was paid in full, and I finally felt secure.

Here’s the thing. As I looked around I realized that there were a lot of smart, talented, capable entrepreneurs that were struggling with the same issues that I had struggled with for years.  How do you get those rock star clients that make you happy to do the work that you do? How do you get the balance that you need to enjoy your life and not just live to work?

I knew what I wanted to do.
It’s now my mission to help solo entrepreneurs and service professional entrepreneurs to fill their businesses with dream clients and create breakthroughs in their businesses and their lives. It’s why I get up every day and do the work that I do. It’s what inspires me.

You inspire me.

I’m totally energized by entrepreneurs that are here to make a difference in the world. The Dalai Lama famously said that, “the world will be saved by the western woman”. I believe that the world will be saved by all women that do what it takes to bring their gifts into the world.

Here’s what I know.
Making a difference in the world through the work that you do cannot go hand in hand with sleazy, pushy marketing tactics. It just doesn’t work. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. You can fill your business to capacity with your dream clients in a way that’s genuine and feels good. You can have easy sales conversations and begin to love marketing and selling. I know that sounds like hype, but it’s true.

I can show you how.
I hope that you join me each week for “The Blackboard Cafe Mastermind for the solo entrepreneur looking to grow her business and create her best life.

I’m honored that you took the time to visit my site.

Wishing you success!

Terri Brown

Terri Brown advises solo entrepreneurs and professional service business entrepreneurs on how to fill their business with dream clients. She has been a small business owner since 1993 and holds an MBA as well as a BA in Business and Economics.

Terri works with small business owners and specializes in assisting solo-entrepreneurs and service business professionals

You can reach her at: terri@terribrowncoaching.com